Lets get to work.

Here are just a few of the projects I have been working on and some that I have completed.

Photography and Drone Video

Red Lodge, MTJust starting to figure out how to work the camera on my phone and fly a drone. Still learning the ropes, but have made amazing progress with the free time I have. Check out some of amature work so far on Instagram » or jump over to my Gallery »

3D Printing

3D Printer - Anet A8Now the proud owner of two Anet A8 3D Printers. They both have a few modifications on them. Overall I enjoy 3D printing everything from functional parts to fun toys. Check out what I have uploaded so far on Thingiverse.
Check out my models »

Programing and Code

After learning to code at DeVry in Washington I quickly started to develop some projects. I started to upload those projects to Github where you may view them and use any of my code.See More »

CNC and Wood Work

Currently in the process of attempting to design and build my own CNC machine. More to come once it is finished, but for now you can check out the latest video in the Gallery »

Laser Etching and Tiles

So! So! So! busy, but just recently found myself in possession of a diode laser etcher. So much to learn and so little time. Starting off with LightBurn and GRBL and working with painted tiles, wood, and some leather. We shall see how much I can learn.Gallery »