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First and foremost, I must say thanks for looking at my website, and do appreciate any feedback! I am have a degree from DeVry University for Bachelors of Science in Game, Simulation, and Programming. I have been using the past few years to compile a few projects to showcase my skills and talents! To ensure that everyone has an opportunity to view them they are for free of charge, but any donations are welcome! Cough *Student loans* Github »


I would say outgoing, summarizes my personality in a general aspect; A bit of a rambler, or as I say a social person; but I do enjoy my quite and balanced lifestyle


Technology and the outdoors, is where you will always find me. In front of my computer or on my cell phone constantly! Yet I find time for fishing and some video games!


Inspired by a pulse, constantly listening to all genres, well except some operas. I must state the way that emotions that can be captured in music is simply intangible.


The 12:01 Showing is tonight! Well Send me the title of your favorite flick so we both can enjoy it! Must say I don't really like seeing a "new" movie unless its in IMAX!

My Younger Experience

Ever since I held Legos in my hands and realized the endless possibilities a bunch of similar bricks could be combined to produce such intrinsic and very different results. Guess one may say Legos inspired my life. It was later on in High School that I took my first software development class. In which we took apart a PC, had to memorize all parts and there names and put it back together working the next day. It was during which this came so naturally to me and felt like Legos. Yet later in the class We started development in QBasic. This captivated me with the basic structurally programming. It was after this class that I took up coding in Blitz Basic as a hobby and developed a few simple (and I mean very basic) games. After enrolling in a AutoCAD drafting class with the same teacher; During the first day I was inclined to show him my latest project. After which, he had me transferred into the next Programming course they offered in which I learned Visual Basic and developed a simple Hangman application. I then finished High School and moved out to Washington to attend DeVry University to further my knowledge and skills in the field. I have now graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Game and Simulation Programming.

My Degree: Bachelor of Science in Game and Simulation Programming

Graduation Requirements: 8 full-time semesters, 127 credit hours DeVry University's bachelor's degree program in Game and Simulation Programming (GSP) prepares graduates to make an impact in the private and public video game and simulation software industry. Master the coding languages, visual design principles, and software methods used in the development of video games, crime scene reconstruction, corporate training software, and more. DeVry University partners with industry-leading companies like Vivendi/Universal to offer students experiential learning opportunities and networking contacts to potential employers around the world. With the gaming industry charting revenues in excess of $21 billion1, and the U.S. Army alone investing millions in simulation training, exciting new jobs in gaming and simulation programming are created every day..